A bit about your celebrant.

I started working in hotel industry in 1985. Left Manila in 1990 and worked overseas, been in Saipan USA, Kuwait, Oman and Dubai. My Thai wife is from Bangkok and we decided to move, work and live on Samui Island permanently in 2002.

I have a great deal of experience as a non-religious wedding celebrant since I used to be an event & wedding planner as well for many years, so I personally do understand the worries couple go through during the planning process. You don’t wanna miss a thing

It all started in 2007 when I asked our hotel owner where I used to work that I would like to be the wedding celebrant of the two hotels he owns since I love being with people, very particular and enthusiastic in doing MC’s when we have big events in the hotel, and said yes, I am quite nervous at first and after few weddings from two hotels it becomes natural to me. From then on, I continue to love being a celebrant with ease.

I officiated hundreds already from just the couple to more than a hundred guests from different walks of life and with the much demand for my celebrant services was increasing yearly, I have decided to be a full time non-religious wedding celebrant in 2011 till present.

I’ve worked in many hotels, villas, beach venues and with many wedding planners, photographers and videographers on the island and I am very comfortable working with them all and with that said you will be in good hands and for sure your wedding ceremony will be an unforgettable one. Lastly, I am very fortunate to be able to witness many of life’s great memories.

What I do as a celebrant

  • Prior to the wedding, I would like to meet the bride & groom days or a day before the wedding in the hotel or wherever they are staying to introduce myself and chat through the ceremony flow. Nearer the time the wedding planner will arrange a suitable time for me and the couple to meet up.
  • Answer any questions they might have, make a connection and to know a bit about them and it’s very important on my part to make them feel relax and calm before the D-Day.
  • I will discuss all the details with the couple and with some friends if they want, then we will do a sort of sitting rehearsal or if they prefer to have it on the actual venue, so they will know exactly what they have to say and do before, during and after the ceremony.
  • I can provide selection of vows from my previous couples in ways that are a reflection of their personalities and I am very flexible regarding the wedding script if they have their own already.
  • I can provide readings if any of the couple’s friend or family member would like to do during ceremo
  • I have a wedding script as well for those couple or if you have guests who don’t speak English that the

translator can easily translate.

  • I do one wedding in a day in order to make sure that all my time will be focused only to a particular wedding in order not to rush the special ceremony and not a big deal on my side if the time of the wedding changes, I have all the time to wait.
  • I always arrive on the venue half an hour or mostly earlier than that before the ceremony and meet the planner to check the venue and sound system if microphone is needed then I would meet the groom and check with him as well if there’s any last minute changes from their part.
  • I am very happy and willing to give a helping hand to the photographer to navigate the group photo session after the ceremony as I always do.

All Photos and text on this page provide by Alfredo Alonzo.


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